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  Vintage Style Rose Locket Necklace  

Pixie Lott Vintage Style Cameo Necklace by Retro Jewellery. More colours available.

Steampunk rose Locket. Large victorian style pendant. Opens to hold two photos. Price £9.99



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  Home > Costume Jewellery by Colour

Choose your costume jewellery by colour, handy if you a have a colour scheme in mind.

The categories are being arranged in the next few weeks so not all jewellery is here yet but you can still use search to find what you want.

Black JewelleryBlack Jewellery
Jet black, gun-metal black and dark pewter-tones.
Silver Colour JewellerySilver Colour Jewellery
Plenty of silver-tones for you to choose from shiny silver to vintage-effect silver necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
Gold Colour JewelleryGold Colour Jewellery
Shiny gold-tones and lightly antique effects.
Antique-gold effect JewelleryAntique-gold effect Jewellery
Blue JewelleryBlue Jewellery
Retro Jewellery has lots of blues from including hot cobalt-blue, nautica navy-blue and vintage-style powder blue.
Copper JewelleryCopper Jewellery
Shiny copper-tones and matte antique effect coppers and browns.
Green, Teal and Jade JewelleryGreen, Teal and Jade Jewellery
Retro Jewellery's increasing collection of green jewellery, from dark forest green through to fresh lime green.
Pink Costume JewelleryPink Costume Jewellery
Hot pink, baby pink, fuschia and all shades in between.
Crystal Clear JewelleryCrystal Clear Jewellery
Purple, Violet & Lavender JewelleryPurple, Violet & Lavender Jewellery
Choose your favorite shade of purple from Retro Jewellery's increasing range.
Red Costume JewelleryRed Costume Jewellery
Red necklaces, red earrings and hair accessories.
Pearl Costume JewelleryPearl Costume Jewellery
Trendy pearl necklaces and retro pearl earrings.
Mixed Colour JewelleryMixed Colour Jewellery
Buy rainbow and mixed colour jewellery.
Yellow or orange JewelleryYellow or orange Jewellery
An increasing collection from sunny yellows through to hot oranges.
White JewelleryWhite Jewellery
White necklaces, white earrings, white bracelets and hair accessories.
Brown costume JewelleryBrown costume Jewellery
Retro Jewellery's increasing collection of brown, camel, beige and costume jewellery, including locket necklace and flower earrings.
Grey jewelleryGrey jewellery

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We love Retro and vintage jewellery, funky kitsch jewellery and Emo costume jewellery. We sell unique, handmade necklaces, chunky bracelets and quirky earrings to help you look different. The unique designs at Retro Jewellery are for anyone who wants unusual jewellery and accessories. We still have lots more fun, kitsch, vintage and retro style necklaces, charm bracelets, unusual earrings, emo necklaces and unique cameo jewellery to put on this site, so please add our shop to your favourites and check back often to see our latest kitsch jewellery creations.

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Bow necklace Hot Pink Chunky * 24" Black Ball chain EMo
Bow necklace Hot Pink Chunky * 24" Black Ball chain EMo
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